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Two-faced kitten named Biscuits and Gravy dies

kitten 1.JPG
Two-faced kitten named Biscuits and Gravy born in Oregon (Photo: CNN Newsource)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) — The kitten born with two faces that captured the hearts of animal lovers across the world has died.

Biscuits and Gravy, born May 20 at an Oregon farm, died just three days after birth. He was one of a litter of six kittens.

The King family, who owns the cats, said he ate a lot and peed and pooped a lot but didn't grow.

Two-faced cats are named after the Roman God Janus, who had two faces. Although these cats don't typically survive for more than a few days after birth, one two-faced cat named Frank and Louie did live for 15 years and appeared in the Guinness World Records book in 2006.

The King family had decided to keep Biscuits and Gravy and give away the rest of the litter, which were born healthy. But by Saturday evening they were mourning his loss.