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Could zippered face masks be the next big thing?

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A Texas-based company said their zippered face masks will keep you safe while eating and drinking in public during the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo: Shut Your Mouth via CNN Newsource)

WASHINGTON (SBG) — The coronavirus pandemic has impacted nearly every facet of the world's day-to-day operations.

Politics, the economy and even the fashion industry have felt the weight of COVID-19 bearing down on them. The face mask is easily the hottest fashion trend of 2020.

While face masks are working to keep people safe, it sometimes makes social distancing hard, especially when you're eating and drinking.

That's where Texas-based company Shut Your Mouth comes into play. They have created a face mask with a zipper, making it easier to take a sip of water or bite of food.

The masks come in various fabrics and colors, but the company claims no liability for any illness or injuries while wearing their masks.