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Imam 'shocked' after discovering newlywed wife is a man

A leader of a mosque in Uganda was "shocked" to learn the woman he married was actually a man trying to con him out of money, police say.

According to Uganda's Daily Monitor, Mohammed Mutumba married Swabullah Nabukeera in an Islamic ceremony in Uganda's Kayunga District.

The two did not have intercourse prior to their marriage -- or for two weeks afterward because Nabukeera claimed she was menstruating.

Mutumba found out that Nabukeera was actually 27-year-old Richard Tumushabe -- but only after a string of bizarre events.

First, a neighbor reported to police that Mutumba's wife had jumped over a fence and stole a television and some clothing.

Mutumba brought his wife to the police station after the accusations.

Isaac Mugera, a criminal investigations officer, said Nabukeera, a.k.a. Richard Tumushabe was wearing a hijab upon arrival to the station. Mugera told the Daily Monitor:

As the police’s normal practice, a female police officer, searched the suspect thoroughly before taking her to the cells. However, to the shock of the officer, the suspect had stacked clothes in the bra to hoodwink that they were breasts. On further search, we discovered that the suspect had male genitals. We quickly informed her husband who had escorted her to the police station

Mutumba, in disbelief, asked police to see Tumushabe's "private parts" for proof.

Tumushabe allegedly told police he devised a plan to pretend to be a woman so he could get Mutumba's money. Tumushabe is charged with impersonation, theft, and obtaining goods by false pretense.

Mutumba explained to reporters how he met and fell in love with someone he thought was a woman. Mutumba had gone to a mosque for prayers when he saw the person who would later become his wife:

I was looking for a woman to marry and when I landed on a beautiful girl wearing a hijab, I asked her for love and she accepted. We fell in love, however, she told me we could not have sex until I take dowry to her parents and also exchange marriage vows

The two moved quickly into marriage -- Mutumba asked Nabukeera/Tumushabe's aunt for a dowry. The aunt, who has also been arrested in the scheme, paid a dowry of two goats, two bags of sugar, three busuutis, a carton of salt and a Koran.

About Tumushabe's alleged scheme, Mugera said:

Youth should find better means to earn a living instead of engaging in such stupid acts.